Got a query? Take a look at commonly asked questions below, if you don't find the answer you're looking for please let us know via the 'Contact Us' tab!


Is my phone wireless-charger compatible?

Please check out our charging guide on this link for more information on wireless charging and find it out if it is right for your device.


Where can I find my 4 digit order number ?

Once your order has been placed we will automatically send out a confirmation email, in the top of the email content you will find the order number in the format #0000. Any further updates i.e. shipping will also contain this reference. Please double check spam or junk email folders just in case!


Where is my order?.

Please head over to our Shipping page for further information regarding time-frames. When you get your tracking reference please enter it into our Track Your Order page to find out where your case is. 







I didn't get a tracking reference, why?

Dependant on where you live in the world, not all cases can have tracking references, you will still receive an email confirming when your order has been shipped if you didn't get a tracking number.



My tracking number no longer works, why?

If you were provided with a tracking reference number which is no longer working on our 'Track Your Order' page that is a good indication that your case isn't far from you. When the reference is no longer valid this is a result of the postal service at the recipient country not updating the reference on their end.


I bought two items, only one arrived, where is the second one?

We pick pack and post our cases individually, this is one of the ways we help to keep our costs down and are able to pass on the savings to you. You should receive any additional orders within a few days of receiving the first.


I ordered the wrong item, what do I do?

Please let us know via the Contact Us page within 24 hours of placing your order and we will happily amend your order for you. 



I ordered by mistake, how do I cancel and get a refund?

As per our shipping terms, please let us know ASAP if you have ordered in error. We are able to cancel and refund orders within 48 hours of them being placed. Please head over to the Contact Us page and let us know the order number # to be cancelled.